What’s included in the Cynch membership?

All the details of what is included in the membership can be found on our membership page. As features update regularly feel free to drop by every few weeks to see what’s been added. This include new Security Pathways that have been developed and added to the membership.

What's a Cyber Security Pathway?

Cynch Cyber Security Pathways consist of a series of emails, surveys and other tools that guide you through a common cyber security problem. After signing up we will send you an email each day with a specific topic or task that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. We start out with the basics and build up a picture of how to mitigate the risks before walking you through the steps you should take implement solutions in your business. Where possible, we connect you to free and affordable solutions designed to small businesses and answer any questions you may have.


What happens to the data I share with Cynch?

We take great care protecting the data you share with us.

At points in each pathway we'll ask you to share with us a little bit about your specific business. We use this information to improve our offerings and tailor it to your specific needs. Our goal over time is to help you create a picture of how secure your business is so that you can use this to demonstrate the steps you've taken to your customers and partners.

Check out our privacy policy if you'd like more detail.


How much does the Cynch member cost?

The Early Access membership offers the first month for free! The standard price for the membership is $99 per month when paid monthly, or $999 per year when paid annually. Both prices exclude GST.


Why should I trust your advice?

The cyber security landscape changes every day and we work hard to stay on top of these changes to keep our offerings timely and relevant for small businesses. Our founders Susie and Adam, started Cynch after many years working for large businesses in the technology and risk industries. Our pathways leverage this experience and deliver it to you in bite sized chunks designed for small businesses.