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Automated cyber risk profiling

Cyber risks every small business should be concerned about.

As the technologies your business relies on change, so too does your risk. Having visibility and an understanding of these risks helps you know what you should actually be worried about.

We combine automated scanning and information you share with us to build a profile of your business’ cyber risks. This risk profile is constantly updated as the behaviour of cyber criminals change how they attack small businesses, and as you take more steps to improve your business’ cyber fitness. Our risk profiling is based on the actual threats and impacts small businesses are facing every day and presented back to you as the scenarios you’re most likely to encounter.

Every action we recommend is aligned to your tailored profile making sure at all times you’re addressing only the biggest risks to your business.


Real answers without the need for a tech degree

Plain language cyber security recommendations and access to products and solutions.

Once you step beyond relying on just antivirus to protect you, the world of cybersecurity can quickly become a mine field of technical jargon and complex solutions. As a Cynch member you’ll get access to our plain-language recommendations that translate all of the best practice advice cybersecurity professionals rely on into advice and guidance you can follow yourself in less than 5 minutes at a time.

If introducing a new security solution makes sense for your business, we explain what it is you should be looking for and help you access products and services specifically designed for small business.

You’ll also have access to member credits which can be spent on solutions from our partners right within your dashboard. You can access everything from password managers to backup software and even cyber insurance at no additional cost.

Our list of partners is always growing and we’re always on the lookout for new products and services we can bundle into your membership.


Everything you need to prove you're doing everything you can

Everything you need to prove you’re doing everything you can.

Fears of an audit from your regulator or customers are a thing of the past. You can focus instead on building a cyber fit business. As you take actions and address your cyber risks we keep track of everything, mapping your actions against industry best practice and any compliance requirements you have. When it comes time to prove you’re taking reasonable steps, everything is right there in your Cynch dashboard.

Instead of just giving you a bunch of security policy templates to download and add your business logo to, we use the information you share to build your documents automatically helping make them actually useful.

If your business is impacted by changes in regulation, like Data Breach Notification laws or APRA CPS-234, we help you provide evidence that you’re on top of things and get through audits as quickly as possible.


A place for your whole team to work together

Delegate responsibility for cybersecurity concerns to your trusted partners

When you do experience a cyber incident everyone will look to you, but you can’t do everything on your own. Some cybersecurity concerns might already be handled by your external IT support provider or should really be owned by someone else in your team day to day.

You can work with your existing trusted partners inside our platform by inviting them to join and then delegating concerns to them to take responsibility for. We can’t force them to do the things you want them to, but you can have an informed chat with them about what’s needed and keep track as they take action.

If you find yourself in need of extra help or support, you can reach out to us and we’ll connect you with one of our trusted partners that can help you with anything you might be struggling with.


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