Every business, no matter the size, will at some point experience a cybersecurity incident.

Finding yourself in the middle of an incident and realising that everyone is looking to you for direction can be a confronting and lonely experience if you’re not prepared. Once the initial shock has worn off, the actions you take in the hours and days immediately following an incident will be the most critical.

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Cynch Security do not provide cyber incident response services. If you’re currently dealing with a cybersecurity incident we recommend you reach out to the following organisations for support:

A significant cyber incident could find you facing into the confusing world of cybersecurity for the first time. Unless you have someone in your team staying on top of this area of business risk you might be asking yourself …

How can we stop this from happening again?
— Business owners after a cyber incident

It might be too late to stop the last incident, but there are some simple steps you can start taking today to avoid the next one.

At Cynch Security we understand the complex cybersecurity landscape and the constraints small businesses operate under. We’ve dedicated ourselves to building a world where every business can be cyber resilient. Our cyber fitness platform has been designed from the ground up to help us on this mission by giving small business owners access everything they need to manage their cyber risk. Plain-language recommendations, bundled security products and training, reporting and risk profiling, all from a single online dashboard.

If you’ve found yourself on the other side of a cybersecurity incident and would like to learn more about the cyber risks in your business and more importantly what you can do about them, our 6-week Cyber Boot Camp program is the perfect place to start.

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Take steps to avoid the next incident


If you’d like to hear more about our cyber fitness platform or have any questions, send us and email at hello@cynch.com.au and we’ll get in touch.