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Cynch is a startup based in Melbourne. We’ve designed our membership for small businesses that don’t have in-house IT support, recognising the unique challenges they face.

Our membership helps business leaders (owners or managers) take control of their cyber risks, reducing the chance their business will be impacted by hackers or other cyber criminals whilst allowing them to demonstrate to their customers and partners that they take cybersecurity seriously.


What does “cyber resilient” mean?

Suffering from a cybersecurity incident such as ransomware or business email compromises can quickly bring a small business to its knees, often resulting in the worst day of a business leader’s career.

Cyber resilience comes from being mindful of the technology risks associated with your business, taking measured steps to reduce the likelihood of your business being targeted, and also preparing for the reality that at some point something will go wrong.

In cyber resilient businesses, cybersecurity incidents happen less frequently, with lower impacts and may even provide an opportunity for further growth.

What problems do we solve?

A Cynch membership allows you to:

  • Discover, track and address your business’ cyber risks without any additional in-house expertise;

  • Monitor existing and new cyber risks associated with the technology your business relies on from a single place, reducing the chances of you missing an important alert or update;

  • Save time trying to figure out if a cybersecurity solution is needed in your business by giving you access to everything you need (prioritised actions, training, products and services) from your tailored dashboard;

  • Demonstrate to regulators that you are meeting your cybersecurity compliance expectations in a matter of minutes (not days or weeks); and

  • Delegate tasks to staff or trusted external partners and keep track of their progress and impact on the cyber resilience of your business.

How does it work?

When you sign up using your business email address, Cynch completes an initial cyber risk assessment based on what we can discover about your business from the outside. This is used to highlight to you the cyber risks in your business and prioritise the actions you should take towards becoming cyber resilient. Our assessment is updated as you interact with us and we learn more about your business. This improves our assessment over time and ensures you have an accurate picture of the cyber risk posture of your business.

You will also have access to a number of membership credits that can be put towards relevant products and services each month to increase your business’ cybersecurity. These products and services are provided by our preferred partners, all from your tailored membership dashboard.

From your tailored dashboard, you’ll also have access to:

  • A register of all cyber risks we’ve identified;

  • Recommendations of the best actions you can take now to build on your cyber resilience;

  • Details of the possible threats and impacts that concern your business;

  • Our assessment of your resilience against these concerns, tracked over time;

  • Education, training, instructions, tools, products and services needed to improve your cyber resilience;

  • Details of the trusted team members and partners you’ve delegated particular actions to; and

  • Reports, policy templates and other materials necessary to meet any specific cybersecurity compliance or audit obligations your business may have.

How do member credits work?

Each month you are allocated a number of member credits. These credits can be put towards tools, products and services offered by our preferred partners. The number of credits you’re able to put towards these solutions depends on the level of membership you have purchased. The higher the membership level, the more credits you can spend each month - simple!

After several months you may find you have allocated all of your credits to products/services purchased through your membership. If you want to increase the number of credits available each month, either contact us to bump up your membership to the next level, or discuss a credits pack.


Using member credits you can choose to purchase third-party cybersecurity products and services directly from the dashboard. Cynch will only recommend these products to you when we identify a risk and associated concern that the product will help you address. The relationship between Cynch and the cybersecurity product is that of a reseller/product owner. Cynch may receive a commission from the product owner, however we will always be open and transparent with you if this occurs. You will be required to read and accept the product/service terms and conditions, and naturally there is no obligation for you to go with the exact product we recommend - you always retain control and can choose to purchase a product separate to your membership at any time.

How long until my business is cyber resilient?

Cyber resilience isn’t so much of a destination for a business, as it is a characteristic. The cyber risks in your business vary depending on the industry you work in, the products and services you sell, the data you hold, the technology you use… the list goes on and on. A cyber resilient business is aware of these risks and actively works to reduce the possibility of these risks having a significant impact on their ability to operate.

The good news is Cynch takes all of this into consideration for you. By following the actions we recommend, you can be confident that your cyber resilience is increasing in the fastest way possible whilst still maintaining your focus on running your business and without blowing the budget!

How are you different from other cybersecurity companies?

At Cynch, we recognise that the needs of small business leaders are fundamentally different to those in bigger businesses with dedicated in-house tech and security staff, bigger budgets, and more time to work on building cyber resilience.

We also recognise that whilst a significant cybersecurity incident inside a large business can be impactful, this is nothing compared to the devastation a similar incident can have on a smaller business.

The founders of Cynch Security have worked in these large corporate environments, and are determined to bring this experience to smaller businesses in a way that supports their growth which is the backbone of every great economy.

Unlike almost every other cybersecurity company, our focus at Cynch isn’t on selling shiny new cybersecurity products, but instead on supporting the key leaders in a business so that they can continue to thrive and avoid having a cyber incident become the worst day of their career.

Why should we follow your recommendations?

Our recommendations are based on well recognised industry guidelines such as NIST’s Cyber Security Framework, ACSC’s Information Security Manual and the Center for Internet Security Controls.

Large organisations typically adopt these same guidelines within their own teams, often spending millions of dollars managing their cyber risks as a result. Smaller businesses simply don’t have the resources to invest in adopting these guidelines in the same way. Our membership takes these same guidelines and interprets them in a more reasonable way making their use achievable within a smaller business context for the first time.

As a Cynch member you don’t need to maintain a team of compliance or assurance officers like a larger business might. By actively following our recommendations, you’ll not only increase your cyber resilience, but you’ll be able to demonstrate your alignment to industry guidelines to anyone who asks.

Our membership can also be tailored to more specific industry compliance needs if required.

If any of this this sounds like your business, email us ( to discuss your specific needs.

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How much?

Our pricing structure has been designed to give maximum flexibility to small business leaders. Starting at just $99 a month (billed annually), every business can find an option they can afford.

See our pricing options below for more details, or head to our pricing page.

Pricing options for every small business

We have pricing plans to suit all kinds of budgets.
We have no setup fees and you can upgrade your plan at any time.



Ideal for sole-traders and partnerships with 2 or less people.


Small Business

Ideal for businesses with minimal technologies and about 10 staff.



Ideal for businesses utilising a lot of different technologies, requiring management of multiple trusted partners

NOTE: All prices exclude GST.