Uptake Digital

Cybersecurity incidents can be paralysing for businesses, often causing serious reputational damage and significant financial loss. It can be very difficult for businesses to ever fully recover without appropriate steps being taken ahead of time.

Cynch Security has partnered with Uptake Digital to help small businesses across Victoria build Cyber fitness and risk resilience, without the need for in-house expertise or a huge budget.

Building on the technical support already provided by Uptake Digital, Cynch helps business owners address threats to their livelihood by tackling not just the technology but also people and process aspects of cyber risk.

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STILL getting your head around Cyber risk?

Our 6-week Cyber Boot Camp is designed to help small business owners wrap their head around the cyber risks they face, start to take their first steps towards building Cyber fitness and understand the steps they can take in protecting their business going forward.




Each week a Cynch Security team member will meet with you via video call for up to 20 minutes to guide you through the program. At the completion of the 6 weeks you’ll receive a summary report of your progress as well as a roadmap of the top actions you can take to address any significant concerns identified.

Throughout the program you’ll have access to our Cyber Fitness platform so you can measure and track your progress along the way as well as 1 month of online staff training to help build cyber awareness across your entire team.


Is your business ready to get Cyber fit?