Cynch is a Melbourne based company on a mission to help business leaders prevent a cybersecurity incident from becoming one of the worst days of their career. We partner with business owners, continuously profiling their cyber risks and providing them with everything they need to build their Cyber Fitness.


Every business is being targeted by cyber attacks - a cyber incident is a matter of when not if.

Smaller businesses feel the devastating impacts of these cyber attacks both professionally and personally, and Cynch is determined to bring cyber fitness to them all.


The Cynch co-founders met whilst both working at one of Australia’s most iconic institutions, Australia Post. They founded Cynch Security in mid 2017 after recognising how woefully under served small business leaders were by the cybersecurity industry, initially building the concepts behind the membership at night and on weekends.

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In October 2018, Cynch was incorporated as a company with the founders dedicating themselves towards bringing the business to the public. The team joined the Cyrise Accelerator program, a joint venture between Dimension Data and Deakin University, and Australia’s only cybersecurity-focused accelerator program, later that same month.


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Adam Selwood | Director, Co-founder & CTO

Adam has been helping businesses of all sizes solve problems through the use of technology for over 15 years. Recognising the new normal of data breaches and the direct impacts they can have, Adam has found a passion for helping businesses understand the risks they face and how best to tackle them.

Susie Jones | Director, Co-founder & CEO

Susie is a devoted helper and thrives when working on customer problems, finding new ways to solve the everyday challenges of operating in today’s modern economy. An experienced leader and risk manager, she has spent her entire career working to improve the experiences of those around her by focusing on the human aspects of business and translating complex and technical solutions into simple to understand concepts.



CyRise, Australia’s only cybersecurity startup accelerator

CyRise, Australia’s only cybersecurity startup accelerator

Cynch is a member of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Cynch is a member of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Cynch is a supporter of Safer Internet Day 2019

Cynch is a supporter of Safer Internet Day 2019


Your turn

To learn more about how we can help your digital business head to our home page. Not quite sure where to start, our 6-week Cyber Boot Camp might be more up your alley.

If you’re interested in joining Cynch or partnering with us, check out our partner page or contact us.