Our Mission

Make independent businesses so unattractive to cyber criminals that they go somewhere else.

As big businesses invest a small fortune into protecting their enterprises from cyber attacks each year, cyber criminals are turning to smaller businesses as easier targets. We aim to arm business owners with the information and tools required to discourage attacks whilst also demonstrating to customers that they take security seriously.

our principles

To make sure we stay true to our mission, everything we do aligns with these five principles:

  1. Cyber security is our business, not yours.
    Cyber security is a difficult and constantly changing problem to solve for. We stay on top of things and work hard to make it easy for you so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

  2. The decision is yours.
    We will never be able to remove all the risks from your business. Instead we will help you understand cyber risks and ensure you have the tools to make informed decisions that best suit your own situation.

  3. It take a village.
    There are no magic bullets when it comes to cyber security and we can’t help you on our own. Instead we will work with our partners and yours to provide you with holistic support.

  4. Less than a coffee.
    Large businesses come with large budgets and dedicated teams. Smaller businesses don’t. Our services should cost less than your daily coffee and anything you need to do should take less than the time it takes to drink it.

  5. Take action, collect evidence.
    Pointing out problems is easy, fixing them is hard. We make sure you’re given ways to solve problems rather than just identify them and if you take action you will always have a way of demonstrating it to your partners and customers.

Our Story

  • Founded in mid 2017, we began with the goal of helping Australian businesses respond to the growing threat of data breaches.

  • After investigating the problem, we chose to focus on the challenges faced by Small Businesses.

  • We quickly recognised that small businesses are woefully unsupported by the cybersecurity industry, and that solutions are often not right-sized for the risks faced by small businesses every day.

  • We continue to focus on better preparing businesses for data breaches and are developing a solutions that provide small businesses with the confidence to succeed in today's digital world.

  • In October 2018, Cynch joined the Cyrise Accelerator program, a joint venture between Dimension Data and Deakin University.

Our People


Adam Selwood | Co-founder

Adam has been helping businesses of all sizes solve problems through the use of technology for over 15 years.

Recognising the new normal of data breaches and the direct impacts they can have, Adam has found a passion for helping businesses understand the risks they face and how best to tackle them.

Susie Jones | Co-founder

Susie is a devoted helper and thrives on working on customer problems and find new ways to solve the everyday challenges of operating in today’s modern economy.

She has spent her entire career in the risk and insurance industries working to improve the experiences of those around her by focusing on the human aspects of business and translating complex and technical solutions into simple to understand concepts.


Your turn

To learn more about what we do, head over to our membership page to see how the membership has been designed to help business owners understand different cyber security topics (without tech-speak), five minutes at a time.

If you’re more interested in learning how you stack up against other businesses, find out how secure your small business is.

If you’re interested in joining Cynch or partnering with us, check out our partner page or contact us.