An Insecure Online Payment


As Christmas draws closer and we continue to hunt for that perfect gift, the chances of us stumbling into a fake online store waiting to take advantage of us increases. The price might seem amazing, but how can you tell if that site you’re browsing will deliver the goods?

By March this year, the site Scamwatch had already been contacted by more than 1,000 victims of online shopping sites, having lost more than $150,000. And that’s well before the lead up to Christmas!

Online shopping has become increasingly common, and even if you don’t shop online yourself, chances are someone in your business does. Not only does this risk missing out on that awesome gift, if the site purchased from is a fake there they might use it as an opportunity to steal credit card or personal details and make you (or your staff) their own personal Santa. This type of incident isn’t fun for anyone, and something you and your staff should try to avoid.

Things to keep in mind while you shop online this year

  1. Make sure you’re buying things from a secure website by checking for https:// and the padlock in your web browser.
  2. It can be easy to make a site look and feel like a popular brand. Make sure you check that the site you’re on is what you think it is before you purchase anything by double checking the url in the address bar.
  3. Online advertising is a quick and cheap way to grab your attention, and attackers use these too. Don’t let a flashy ad and a cheap price catch you off guard.
  4. Do your homework before you purchase from online stores you haven’t used before. Check for reviews and ask someone else’s opinion if you’re unsure.
  5. Credit Card and PayPal payments are pretty standard nowadays. Be wary of any online store that makes you pay via a bank transfer or another method.
  6. Check terms and conditions, refund and returns and privacy policies on a site before you purchase and make sure you’re comfortable with what they say.

Follow these tips and you’ll securely score that perfect gift in no time!


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