Five Dangerous Christmas Party Shares


It’s time for your team to celebrate the wins and let their hair down a bit after a long year. Time for the office Christmas party!

We’ve all heard the stories of these sorts of things getting out of hand, and the prevalence of social media has only made that worse.

Here are five things you or your staff could share about your office party that could be a threat to your business:

  1. Photos of your office space - What could someone seeing these on your social media page learn about you they could use to damage your business later on?
  2. That selfie your team member took with you just happened to have an open client document on the screen in the background. Oh and your admin password stored on the sticky note attached to the screen!
  3. “3PM today the office heads off to the pub. YAS!” - Sounds like the place will be empty and could give a cyber criminal the window they need to attack your systems. 
  4. “Just overheard someone at the office party complain about me to the boss. So upset” - Spirits can run high at these events and things said and overheard out of context. If these things are shared in the heat of the moment they could lead to problems back in the office.
  5. "Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head's Midas Touch beer...when we drink we do it right #gettngslizzerd." This was mistakenly sent from the @RedCross twitter account in 2011 by an employee that had it configured on their phone. Will your social media manager be at your office party? 

If you’re having a Christmas party, it might be a good idea to remind your team about expected behaviours and any policies you have around sharing office related content online. It won’t stop everything, but might help everyone be that little bit mindful and avoid most incidents. 

Also, remind everyone to log out of their business accounts before they head to the party, unless you’re selling Dogfish beer!


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