“Am I doing everything I can?“

For a limited time we’re running Cyber Boot Camps to help small businesses quickly figure out how protected they are already and kick-start their cyber fitness journey.

Keep track of your business progress with our online digital business Cyber Fitness platform

Keep track of your business progress with our online digital business Cyber Fitness platform

With our Cyber Boot Camps you get:

  • Visibility of the biggest cyber risks to your business,

  • Understanding of the steps you can take to address your cyber risks,

  • Expert support as you start to implement our recommendations,

  • Bonus: 1 month cybersecurity awareness training for your whole team

You’ll also have access to our Cyber Fitness platform throughout the 6 week program so you can measure and track your progress as well as continue working on protecting your business between sessions.


CYber Boot Camp PROGRAM


Week 1: Goal Setting & Critical Technology Identification

During the first week we’ll focus on gaining a good understanding of the technology your business relies on and your Cyber Fitness goals. We’ll get you setup in our Cyber Fitness platform following this meeting so you can continue working through the program at your own pace.

Week 2: Assess Existing Measures & Identify Biggest Concerns

In our second week we’ll discuss the steps you’ve already taken to manage the Cyber Risk within your business. We’ll discuss the biggest concerns you’d like to start addressing and work out how to address them over the coming weeks.

Weeks 3-5: Address Your Biggest Cyber Concerns

Building off the insights from the previous weeks, we’ll spend time exploring the things you can do to start addressing the biggest concerns to your business. All of our recommended actions can be completed in 5 minutes or less and we will work with you to develop new remediation approaches if an existing one doesn’t fit your needs.

Some of things we’ve worked on with business owners during these sessions include:

  • Securing their Windows and Apple Mac computers

  • Improving the security of their email

  • Putting in place measures to reduce spam

  • Introducing password managers

  • Developing incident response plans and procedures

  • Exploring cyber insurance options

Week 6: Review Progress & Next Steps

After actively working to improve your Cyber Fitness you’ll be well on your path to a Cyber Resilient business. In the final week of the boot camp we’ll review the progress you’ve made and discuss the next steps you can take as continue to work on your Cyber Fitness. At the completion of the 6 weeks you’ll receive a summary report of your progress as well as a road map of the top actions you can take to address any significant concerns identified.

Cyber Fitness Coaching


The cyber boot camp program is delivered by a Cynch Security team member via a 20-30 minute video call each week.



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