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Continuous cyber resilience profiling

We use non-intrusive scanning and your interactions with our platform to profile your business’ digital footprint and cyber risks, tailoring our program to your unique needs. As a Cynch member you gain full visibility of the cyber risks, threats and impacts that are relevant to your business.

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Proven cybersecurity solutions

Based on our detailed assessment, we are able to identify the specific products and services that will help protect your digital business. Once you understand the gap, we make it easy to access everything right within your dashboard to ensure you have the right things in place to protect your business.


Compliance as a side effect

Fears of an audit are a thing of the past. You can focus instead on building a cyber resilient business. Our platform is based on recommendations from well respected cybersecurity industry frameworks, breaking everything into plain language actions that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. We track everything you do, mapping your actions against industry best practice as well as any other compliance requirements you have. When you need to prove you’re taking reasonable steps, everything is right there in your Cynch dashboard.


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