Keep track of your progress

Watch your cyber fitness build over time and develop into a competitive edge.

cyber security audit trail
Cyber fitness and cyber risk score tracking

Know where you’re at

As you take steps to improve the Cyber Fitness score, we keep track of everything and update your score.

See how far you’ve come and compare your score to other business including those in your industry.


Set your Cyber Fitness goals

Just as you can’t get physically fit overnight, cyber fitness requires regular efforts to be taken.

We help you set cyber fitness goals for your business and keep you on-track over time.

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Cyber security evidence and reporting

Prove your doing everything you can

You should be rewarded for taking steps to improve you’re cyber fitness.

As a Cynch member we make it easy for you to demonstrate to your business partners, regulators and even customers that you’re doing everything you can to protect their information.


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