Is Cyber Security just about Technology?

Cyber security is NOT a technology issue, it's a business issue

It sounds like a cliche, but in my opinion this is absolutely the number one most misunderstood thing about cyber security today. So many of the business owners that we from Cynch speak to have started the discussion with the belief that it's all about what technology their business uses or what software, and they don't think about any other aspect of their business or the market they operate in and how this affects their risk.

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CYNCH + Stay Smart Online partnership confirmed!

Today is an important one for those of us here at Cynch Security, having seen our logo added to the partner page of the federal government's Stay Smart Online resource website this afternoon. Formalising this arrangement is a proud moment, and we look forward to partnering on many initiatives in the future.

Now we're busy planning our activities for October to align with Stay Smart Online Week from 9-13th - stay tuned for the release of more security pathways and special deals designed to help small businesses secure their systems and keep their customers safe. 

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I have been pwned, what do I do now?

We've been fans of Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? for quite a while at Cynch Security and encourage our members to sign-up to the free service as part of our Password Management for Small Business security pathway. If you haven't yet checked your email address in the service, we encourage you to head over there now and do so. Troy regularly loads large data breaches to haveibeenpwned, but this week's list of 711 million pwned accounts is his largest to date and we felt it would be worth spending some time discussing what it means and what actions you should take if your email address shows up.

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1 Billion Yahoo Accounts Breached. Impacts for Australian Businesses

Yahoo have announced yet another massive breach of their systems, this time dating back to 2013 and impacting around 1 Billion user accounts. If you had a Yahoo account in 2013 we recommend you immediately review the security guidance they have published here:

When the breach of 500 Million Yahoo accounts was announced in September, we wrote up some steps you should take as a business to respond. Yet again you should consider resetting your Yahoo account and changing your password on any other service that may be linked or where you have reused or used a similar password. It is also important to ensure that any staff within your business do the same as they may leave your business systems at risk if they come under attack.

Beyond protecting account credentials there are some other potential impacts you should be mindful of with compromises of this magnitude.

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5 Steps to a More Secure MailChimp Account


As users of MailChimp, we understand the utility and power of the platform but we're very mindful of the risks associated with keeping your details there in aggregate.

MailChimp themselves provide some security best practices that provide a great starting point to keeping your subscriber data safe, but here are a few extra steps we've implemented that will help make your account less likely of being compromised.

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