Eight Mobile Device Incidents


If you’re travelling over the holidays there’s a good chance your mobile devices will be travelling with you. We all want to relax on holiday, but if you relax too much with a mobile device connected to your business, your holidays could end prematurely.

Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • Loaning your phone to a niece or nephew at a family event and they send an email to your contacts.
  • You leave your tablet with copies of your work files on a seat at the airport.
  • Your phone is taken by a pickpocket while shopping at a foreign market.
  • To cut down on international roaming charges you connect to the Internet via a cafe’s free WiFi, which has been compromised.
  • You accidentally drop your laptop while visiting relatives and the data on it is lost.
  • You leave your laptop in the hotel room while you head out with your family for dinner, but find it missing when you get back.
  • You install the software for an electronic gift someone gives you at Christmas on your work laptop and it installs a virus.
  • Your laptop screen breaks and you take it to a local repair shop while on holidays. They ask for your password so they can check it’s all working fine (and do more than that).


If you can, it’s best to disconnect mobile devices from your business for the holidays.


Not only will this give you a chance to truly relax, but the chances of any of these incidents causing your business harm are greatly reduced. Also, keep in mind that if your team uses mobile devices for work, these same scenarios could play out for any of them. We recommend asking your staff to disconnect also. 

If you do need to have access to your business while travelling, check out our free Staying Secure on The Road training for some extra advice.


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