Nine New Device Flaws


Apple frequently sells almost twice as many devices over the Christmas quarter than it does any other time of the year. Even if you don’t personally get a shiny new phone these holidays, there’s a reasonable chance someone in your team will turn up in the new year with a phone, tablet, smartwatch or some other device ready to use it on the job.

Whilst a new device can help improve productivity as well as provide you with bragging rights, there are some things you should think about before you connect it to your business:

  1. Has the device been updated with the latest software version(s) to address any new vulnerabilities?
  2. Is there new security software you can install to protect it from malware?
  3. Do you have all your existing security tools, like VPN software and password managers installed and ready to go?
  4. Have you set up a pin or passcode to prevent someone accessing it that shouldn’t?
  5. Did you change all default passwords?
  6. Have you configured some of the default features like location tracking?
  7. Are you able to remotely track the device if it’s lost or stolen?
  8. Do you need to install software on your computer to use the device? Is it from a trustworthy source?
  9. What will happen to any of your business data synced to this device if you lose it?

Device makers like Apple have spent a lot of time and energy making your initial experiences with their technology ‘magical’, but before you connect it up to your business, it’s worth taking a few extra moments to really consider the risks of expanding your digital footprint.


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