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1 Billion Yahoo Accounts Breached. Impacts for Australian Businesses

Yahoo have announced yet another massive breach of their systems, this time dating back to 2013 and impacting around 1 Billion user accounts. If you had a Yahoo account in 2013 we recommend you immediately review the security guidance they have published here:

When the breach of 500 Million Yahoo accounts was announced in September, we wrote up some steps you should take as a business to respond. Yet again you should consider resetting your Yahoo account and changing your password on any other service that may be linked or where you have reused or used a similar password. It is also important to ensure that any staff within your business do the same as they may leave your business systems at risk if they come under attack.

Beyond protecting account credentials there are some other potential impacts you should be mindful of with compromises of this magnitude.

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What does the Yahoo Hack mean for my Business?

In 2014 Yahoo was the victim of a significant breach that resulted in the details of over 500 million users being compromised. The breach is believed to have been state sponsored and includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, security questions and answers. Find out what this means for your business.

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What does the Dropbox hack mean for my business?

In 2012 Dropbox was the victim of a significant breach that resulted in the email addresses and passwords of some users being compromised. Initially it was believed that a small number of user's details had been caught out in this incident however in August 2016 it was confirmed that over 60 millions accounts were compromised.

As a service focused towards businesses it is not uncommon for work emails to be used on with Dropbox. If you or any of your employees created an account with their work email address and reused a password they use elsewhere (e.g. for their work email or online service access) your business could become a target for cyber criminals.

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What does the LinkedIn hack mean for my Business?

If you were a member of LinkedIn in 2012 there is a good chance that your email address and password at the time were compromised. LinkedIn has now taken steps to reset the passwords of all impacted account, however if you simply reused the same password, or you used the email address and password on other sites, you could be at risk of having your accounts compromised.

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