How Secure is Dropbox?

How Secure is Dropbox Business?

Dropbox aims to be "the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust". They tell you it is secure, but as with all things it's best to confirm what this really means before introducing it to your business. 

Below we've summarised some of the publicly-available information provided by Dropbox on the safety and security of their Business service so that you can decide for yourself how confident you are in integrating Dropbox into your processes.


Head over to our Cyber Security Standard Terms Explained page for a quick and simple explanation of each common term. 

But is Dropbox Secure?

The summary shows that Dropbox has all the makings of a secure system, and if used intelligently it can be a secure way for you to collaborate within your business.

Here are a few extra tips on what you can do to keep it this way: 

  1. Never share logins - each user should have their own login and password. 
  2. Enable two-factor authentication - Dropbox have provided the option, so make sure you and your staff use it. 
  3. Set up role based access controls to ensure that only the right people have access to the right content at the right time. 
  4. If you are not subscribed to an Advanced or Enterprise Dropbox Business plan, be mindful that you do not have access to consolidated logging within the program. You may wish to consider establishing an internal process which instructs each staff member to monitor events and report security concerns to management. 
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