Is LastPass Secure?

As a business grows, so does the number of systems relied upon and with each new system comes a whole new set of accounts and passwords that need to be managed. Managing passwords across a business is hard, and finding the best password manager to fit your business is one of the first things you should do to make life a little bit easier.


LastPass is one of the more popular password managers going around due to its relatively low price point and advanced features. The free version of LastPass is designed for individuals and supports syncing via the cloud. Businesses can manage the passwords centrally with the paid Teams and Enterprise versions. LastPass was purchased by LogMeIn, a US based company, in 2015.

Is LastPass Secure Enough For Your Business?

Our free Password Management for Small Business checklist can help you learn about how passwords managers can work in your business, and what else you should do to keep your passwords safe.

While much of the pain of managing passwords in a business can be reduced with the help of a password manager, here are a couple of extra things to consider, no matter which one you go with.

  • Storing passwords in one location could be quite dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Always make sure you use a very strong password to log into your password manager, and only ever access it from a computer or other device you trust.
  • Password managers take steps to reduce the chances of a password being guessed, but it's up to you to decide if it's enough to protect your most important passwords.
  • For those passwords that are truly critical to your business, it may be a better idea to store them somewhere else.

LastPass is an affordable and feature-packed password manager that can really go a long way to helping you keep your passwords secure. While all the features make LastPass one of the easiest and most popular password managers, it also makes it harder to secure. For individuals and less sensitive businesses, LastPass is a great option particularly if you pay for the Premium or Business editions. For more sensitive businesses, consider the risk of relying on LastPass for all of your accounts and look into some of the alternatives before handing over your virtual keys.

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