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I have been pwned, what do I do now?

We've been fans of Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? for quite a while at Cynch Security and encourage our members to sign-up to the free service as part of our Cyber Fitness Platform. If you haven't yet checked your email address in the service, we encourage you to head over there now and do so.

Troy regularly loads large data breaches to haveibeenpwned, so much so that there are now around 8 Billion records in his database. The chances you’re not in there are now pretty low so we felt it would be worth spending some time discussing what it means to have been pwned and what actions you should take if your email address shows up.

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What to do if a service your small business team uses is compromised

This morning Canva notified it’s users, including many small business team members, that they had experienced a data breach. As huge fans of Canva, several of us at Cynch also received this notification and were grateful for a number of things.

In an interesting twist, the hacker that attacked Canva also made some public announcements this morning providing a few extra details of the risk. Some of these risks may need a little more consideration from small businesses.

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