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12 Days of Threatmas

The holiday period can be a busy time for all of us as we work hard towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, cybercriminals frequently use this as an opportunity to take advantage and have a number of seasonally specific attacks they use to threaten small businesses. To help you prepare for these threats we’ve created the “12 Days of Threatmas”.

Sign-up and over 12 days we’ll send you information of specific threats you should be aware of this time of year and quick tips to help you protect your business and keep you secure into the new year.

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I have been pwned, what do I do now?

We've been fans of Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? for quite a while at Cynch Security and encourage our members to sign-up to the free service as part of our Password Management for Small Business security pathway. If you haven't yet checked your email address in the service, we encourage you to head over there now and do so. Troy regularly loads large data breaches to haveibeenpwned, but this week's list of 711 million pwned accounts is his largest to date and we felt it would be worth spending some time discussing what it means and what actions you should take if your email address shows up.

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