Seven Unattended WiFi Attacks

Do you remember what it used to be like before we had access WiFi? Think of how much harder some everyday tasks would be if we had to go back to cables for everything!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you get rid of your office WiFi. But if you’re office is going to be empty over the holidays you might want to turn it off. Not only because it will save you some money on power, but also because with enough time most wireless networks can be accessed or misused by someone. 

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Six Dangerous Out of Office Replies

You’ve worked hard all year to meet your customer’s expectations. Just as those you rely on take time out every now and then, you and your team are also deserving of some time away from the demands of operating a small business. But radio silence on your emails may leave your customers and partners questioning what you’re up to. Fortunately the good old ‘out of office’ message is there to let them know you're away and assure them you’ll be back to business as soon as you return.

Sadly, these automatic messages can also be sent to anyone who contacts you via email while you’re away, including spammers and cyber criminals.

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Five Dangerous Christmas Party Shares

It’s time for your team to celebrate the wins and let their hair down a bit after a long year. Time for the office Christmas party!

We’ve all heard the stories of these sorts of things getting out of hand, and the prevalence of social media has only made that worse. Here are five things you or your staff could share about your office party that could be a threat to your business

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Four Support Partner Shutdowns

Unless you work in the North Pole with a bunch of elves, chances are you will have some sort of shutdown period coming up at the end of this year. But even if your business stays open for most of the holiday period, many of the business partners you rely on might not. Is there anyone your business relies on that might not be available when you need them towards the end of the month? Do you have plans in place to deal with any issues while they’re away?

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Three Holiday Themed Phishing Emails

Email is the lifeblood of most businesses, and at this time of year the emails are coming thick and fast. While you’re busy working towards the end of the year, your staff are planning the end of year party, your suppliers and partners are thanking you for your business and your customers are trying to get their last minute questions answered.

This is just the sort of chaos that cyber attackers love to take advantage of. 

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Two Travel Visa Scams

Thinking of taking the family to Disneyland these holidays? Looking to trade the Aussie summer heat for the slopes of a Canadian winter? Planning for trips like these can be fun, but keep a look out when you get to the visa application stage of your preparations for scammers out to make a quick buck (or worse).

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12 Days of Threatmas

The holiday period can be a busy time for all of us as we work hard towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, cybercriminals frequently use this as an opportunity to take advantage and have a number of seasonally specific attacks they use to threaten small businesses. To help you prepare for these threats we’ve created the “12 Days of Threatmas”.

Sign-up and over 12 days we’ll send you information of specific threats you should be aware of this time of year and quick tips to help you protect your business and keep you secure into the new year.

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Is Cyber Security just about Technology?

Cyber security is NOT a technology issue, it's a business issue

It sounds like a cliche, but in my opinion this is absolutely the number one most misunderstood thing about cyber security today. So many of the business owners that we from Cynch speak to have started the discussion with the belief that it's all about what technology their business uses or what software, and they don't think about any other aspect of their business or the market they operate in and how this affects their risk.

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